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Increase the quality of your metal design project with a plasma cutter

If you are trying to or hoping to build a metal fabrication project that is the top of the line both in quality and design, you have more tools than ever at your disposal to help make that dream a reality. Every year more and more top of the line and high tech tools are coming out that help metal fabrication specialists like the ones at Denver Welding and Research build some of the best looking and the best designed metal fabrications out there.

One of the newer tools that is helping companies like Denver Welding and Fabrication make the most out of their project and make higher quality products in a much shorter time period is the Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) machine. The Plasma Arc Cutter is one of Denver Welding and Research coolest tools that can help in the development of a large number of their projects. The Plasma Arc Cutter forces gas at an incredibly high velocity through a nozzle where it is then ionized by an electrode. The arc that then comes from the process is used to melt a very specific area allowing for some of the most precise cuts possible. The Plasma Arc Cutter also utilizes a high velocity jet that blows the excess molten material away from the cut material so all of the cuts that are made by the Plasma Arc Cutter are incredibly smooth and clean.

Because of it’s precision, the Plasma Arc Cutter can be used for a number of custom welding and metal fabrication projects at metal fabrication plants like Denver Welding and Research. The particular Plasma Arc Cutter that Denver Welding and Research has is also equipped with a rotary axis so the machine can also be used to cut piping. The machine can handle everything from the very small and particular such as little nodules on a pipe up to the larger project cuts as big as fourteen inches in diameter and up to twelve feet long and material up to three quarters of an inch thick. Because the Plasma Arc Cutter is one of the most diverse tools for metal fabrication projects, it is one of the most used tools for custom welding companies like Denver Welding and Research.

Denver Welding If you or your company is thinking about putting together a metal fabrication project or a sheet metal design project, take your idea to a Denver welding company like Denver Welding and Research and make sure that your project design is in the most capable hands possible and with the team that has some of the best resources at their disposal. Your project will end up coming out much better for it and you will be incredibly impressed and happy with the results. If you want to see some really cool pictures of the kinds of custom welding and metal fabrication projects that Denver Welding and Research use their Plasma Arc Cutter for, you can check out their website and see a whole section of information and pictures of Denver Welding and Research with their Plasma Arc Cutter.